Oncorre engages partners who play a critical role in building long-term, strategic relationships with our clients. By teaming with market leading players, Oncorre builds bridges to the most robust solutions in the marketplace.

At Oncorre, we realize that alliances are important for delivering value to our customers and are very essential to our success. Our alliance strategy is targeted at partnering with leading technology providers, which allows us to take advantage of emerging technologies in a mutually beneficial and cost-competitive manner. All of our alliances and partnerships are based on—and are an extension of our core values. Our passion is to become trend-setters in creating innovative ways to meet difficult or challenging issues. We do this through an extended network of professional companies and organizations on behalf of our clients. We pursue long-term partnerships that bring maximum benefit to the maximum number of people.

Our partners are visionaries in their respective fields. They complement Oncorre’s business expertise to deliver world class solutions. We choose our partnerships based on customer satisfaction, a proven track record and their being clearly defined as the best value.

We intend to continue to develop alliances that complement our core competencies. To inquire about a potential partnership with Oncorre, please fill out a partner application form.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners are global companies with the experience and strength to service even the largest business organizations in the world. We align with these partners in multiple countries and collaborate across multiple vertical industries.

    • IBM
    • Microsoft
    • Oracle
    • Apple

Collabarative Partners

Our collaborative partners are companies with whom we work on a regionalized basis or in an industry-specific segment. They possess proven technologies that provide niche or complimentary solutions to our customers.

    • Business Objects
    • Informatica
    • Cognos