Oncorre’s facilities are CMMI® Level 5, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001:2005 certified that lays a very high emphasis on quality and the importance of developing defect free solutions. In an attempt to maximize customer satisfaction, Oncorre is firmly committed to continually working towards improving its quality processes.


We at Oncorre strive to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations. Through our organizational culture we encourage continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.


  • Exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and performance
  • Continuous improvement of processes and systems
  • Timely deliveries to meet customer requirements
  • Constantly upgrading the skills of our employees


The software development process follows an established standard that conforms to the requirements of our client. The processes Oncorre follows for requirements study, design, coding, testing and support are in accordance with the CMMI® Level 5 and ISO 9001:2000 standards. The Software Quality Assurance (SQA) group is responsible for monitoring and improving quality processes and systems.

The Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) oversees the (SQA) in the implementation of quality management systems and processes. It is the responsibility of this group to ensure high emphasis is laid on the quality and timeliness of the deliverables, and that international quality standards are followed.


The quality process starts from the project initiation stage. The project plan is prepared by the Project Manager and is reviewed by the Quality Assurance team. This ensures that the plan follows Oncorre’ standard Quality process. The test engineer designs a test plan for the project. This contains testing objectives for the project. With the testing approach adopted, success/failure criteria for tests, test deliverables, pre-requisites and the testing schedule, is dependent on project milestones. The developers prepare unit test cases before the start of application development.

On completion of coding, peer-to-peer code review is done. After correction of faults observed, the application is tested against unit test cases. Subsequent to successful unit testing, the application is submitted to the testing team for system level testing. The testing team designs test cases and prepares test case documents for module level, integration and acceptance testing. This occurs in parallel with the development team’s coding work.

Oncorre’s robust methodologies and processes consolidate decades of software development and maintenance experience in delivering and supporting enterprise applications and products. Our mature process frameworks effectively reduce risk and unpredictability across the software development life cycle and flexibly integrates with our clients’ processes.

Our quality systems create strong predictive and diagnostic focus, delivering measurable performance for faster turnaround, higher productivity and on-time, and first-time-right deliveries. We provide full visibility on our projects through integrated web-based project management and monitoring tools.


Our mature Quality framework assures quantum benefits to our clients.

  • Proven Project/Process Management practices that are both effective and Model compliant (ISO/CMM)
  • Rich repository of Re-usable/Best practices/Learning derived from execution of large number of Projects
  • Testing methodology successfully applicable to both internal/external Quality Control setups
  • Quantitative Process Management with a robust metrics program Oncorre’s adherence and commitment to quality standards have resulted in our clients relying on our competencies to provide value-added consulting and training on quality parameters, best suited to improve and enhance their business processes.


Our customers have benefited as a result of fewer defects, reduction in cycle time, and improved delivery capabilities. Oncorre has provided value-added products through improvement in the performance of systems. This reduces problems and failures, and improves stability resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction plus repeat business.

Oncorre’s employees are methodical and process-driven. We have introduced and improved upon best-of-breed industry practices and standards leading to improved delivery capability. The focus on quality has led to lower costs and improved efficiency within the organization.