As businesses brace for the future, innovation will be the greatest impetus for growth. At a time when businesses are accelerating their product development lifecycles, you need IT products which will be the differentiator for your business.

Smart organizations are exploring upgrading their technologies to meet current demands. Without access to innovative products, they face a complex, and costly road to implementation.
At Oncorre, we understand this important issue very well. We believe innovation can be offered in a consistent and predictable framework. Once your business adapts it can solve problems leveraging insights gained from Oncorre’s trained observations.

Armed with this understanding coupled with extensive technology and domain expertise, we have built innovative software products and frameworks whose roots lie in Oncorre’s unique innovation excellence.

The following product offerings are fueling our clients across Financial and Healthcare verticals:

Liieren enables the transformation of enterprise wide area networks and branches leveraging the principles of software-defined control. The Liieren solution helps enterprises reduce the Capex and Opex of their WAN and branch networks. Additionally, optimizing IT responsiveness with an intelligent and simplified approach to designing, deploying and managing distributed networks. This enables customers to completely re-imagine their workflows and improves their business operations by matching network consumption which creates the value proposition.

DoPS empowers IT operations simplifying the monitoring and root cause analysis. It automatically collects and analyzes all types of metrics and learns the unique behavior using inbuilt cognitive intelligence; designed to detect anomalies & trends in the most effective way, and reports these along with automated solutions.