Oncorre engages with clients to understand their unique business and process need. We develop solution based on the client’s business requirements and our experience across multiple projects. We architect and design models incorporating industry-wide best practices.


In our journey to quality standards, we acquired extensive experience, mature and robust processes in the following software development methodologies:

  • Rapid Application Development
  • Object Oriented Development
  • Structured Analysis, Design and Development
  • Rational Unified process
  • Texel and Williams Development Processes
  • Agile Development in distributed environment with Internet & Video           collaboration
  • This is in addition to the standard Methodologies like Conventional Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral and other popular models.


Our technological expertise spans the spectrum available today including the mobile/handheld platforms.

Microsoft .Net

Microsoft .Net is a key technology focus area for Oncorre on which enterprise business solutions are architected and implemented. We build B2E and knowledge management solutions based on SharePoint/InfoPath technologies. Oncorre has designed and implemented high transaction volume B2C Portal solutions using the Microsoft .Net Framework, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Content Management and Commerce Server. We have re-architected and migrated client/server based multi-module application to the .Net framework using an iterative development model.

Oncorre has architected and delivered .Net technology based solutions in the Retail & Investment Banking, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Airline, and Retail domains.


Oncorre has been using JAVA as a prime technology for the majority of global projects. We operate a large portal practice where best-of-breed products such as BEA/WebLogic, IBM WebSphere Portal and Red Hat JBoss are being implemented. We offer several solutions based on open source products such as JBoss and Tomcat to non-enterprise clients. We have delivered SOA and portal J2EE solutions to leading clients worldwide. Our architects track all open source products in the J2EE space and develop solutions exclusively using these products. We are also skilled in JProbe or OptimizIt tools for profiling and performance optimization.

Oncorre-developed J2EE solutions are deployed in environments with millions of potential users.


Our expertise extends from Microsoft based C/C++ frameworks to Unix/Linux based ones. Extensive use of design patterns and innovative architecture makes our designs highly reusable, robust and easy to maintain.

Handheld/Mobile Devices

We understand the nuances of software development for handheld/mobile and other small footprint devices. We have developed applications using J2ME, Symbian C++ and other specialized small footprint languages.

Offshore development of software projects has emerged as a viable, cost-effective alternative for addressing a host of IT related issues. Outsourcing software development frees increasingly scarce in-house resources for strategically significant management. Partnering with Oncorre will ensure that you stay ahead while your day-to-day IT responsibilities are managed by us remotely.

Oncorre offers services ranging from custom application development, deployment, new release management and back-up recovery management. Leveraging its state-of-the-art Offshore Development Centers in India – Noida and Chennai, Oncorre provides enterprises the advantage of custom software application development outsourcing.

  • J2EE Solutions Programming
  • Microsoft .NET Development
  • Voice IP, Video/Audio Streaming
  • 3D Modeling Programming
  • Device Driver Development
  • System Programming (Win32 and Unix)

Application Maintenance

At Oncorre, we have a strong history of managing applications for our clients. Our application management, maintenance and support processes ensure that your systems are flexible to meet evolving demands of your business, and provide measurable improvements to maximize your IT investments. The idea is not to just to ‘keep the lights on’, but to eliminate application redundancies, provide business value and enhance the overall IT Systems performance while controlling the support cost.

Our services include:

  • Application Value Analysis
  • Maintainability Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Criticality Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Application Maintenance, including production fix, upgrades and enhancements
  • Cross functional services which include backup and recovery management, data security, etc.
  • 24×7 Technical support – including Level 1/2/3 support, and support services by phone, e-mail and/or fax

We achieve this through a four-phased approach which consists of:

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance modifies an application to effect permanent fixes or permanent work-around to correct, eliminate, or minimize the impact of known defects / problems. Modifications are made only to make the application compliant with baseline requirements. Corrective Maintenance addresses Severity Level 1, 2, and 3 Service Incidents.

Production On-call

Production On-call is the service to respond to Severity Service Incidents. We provide 24×7 on-call support for application support services, to resolve high severity problems to keep your applications available for your business. Being quick and responsive to your needs, we provide technically skilled resources whenever and wherever you need them.

Application Assessment and Performance Management

We measure the performance of Business Applications against predefined performance indicators and target values. Benchmarking applications performance parameters to industry standards allows us to tune your applications and unlock the value of your enterprise application investments.

Continuous Improvements

Analyzing various production support metrics with the patterns and trends, we come up with innovative technical ideas to streamline the applications, look at chronicle issues in a systematic way to address the root causes and provide continuous improvements to gain business value. Taking a holistic view of the application environment, including application interfaces and infrastructure, we work with various IT towers to transform your application support organization.


Taking total onus of your applications, we utilize the time-tested Oncorre Delivery Methodologies model to optimize and streamline your applications. Adhering to strict guidelines and proactive approach to software support and maintenance, our consultants will focus on long-term functionality, stability and preventive maintenance to avoid problems that typically arise from incomplete or short-term solutions. Backed by years of experience and our deep knowledge in various industries and technologies, our support delivery model surpasses barriers of geography, language and time zone coverage. Our robust process maturity, coupled with standard tools and techniques, enable you to keep your critical enterprise applications up-to-date, while minimizing the overall cost. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined between business IT and the support vendor, and a clear management structure with escalation metrics are set in place. We identify and standardize application maintenance and support tools – call tracking tool, knowledge base, SLA and metrics tracking tool, and proactive monitoring and automation tools. In addition to our innovative methods to enhance the system efficiencies, we also adhere to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA) and enable you to optimize your production operations and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We offer a wide choice of SLA models for technical support for you to choose from:

  • Flexible pricing parameters (flat rate, per-incident, per seat)
  • After-hours, select-hours or 24×7 support services
  • Technical support services by phone, email and/or fax