The essence of software re-engineering is to improve or transform existing software so that it can be understand, controlled, and used anew. The need for software re-engineering has increased greatly, as heritage software systems have become obsolescent in terms of their architecture, the platforms on which they run, and their suitability and stability to support evolution to support changing needs. Software re-engineering is important for recovering and reusing existing software assets, putting high software maintenance costs under control, and establishing a base for future software evolution.

Do you have applications that exhibit the following traits, basically which are ‘technologically’ obsolete but with a high business value?

  • Poor or no support from Vendor (Unsupported environments and platforms & Niche market players , non generic Mainframe stack like IDMS, IMS, Adabas/ Natural , Focus, PL/I
  • Paucity of skills like RPG/400, Assembly, Focus, IMS, PL/I, Adabas/ Natural & Assembly
  • Shares the familiar traits of a legacy application such as
    • Inflexible to change
    • High maintenance costs
  • No equivalent package available in the market(Very unique to the client’s way of doing business or would require extensive customizations if a package were to be implemented)
  • No magic bullet available where the tools can ‘transform’ the legacy code into a neatly structured Java or C# code.

Application Re-engineering in a nutshell

  • Reverse Engineering to extract the business rules
  • Forward engineering under J2EE (in Java) or C# (in .NET)
  • Extensive amount of testing to ensure that the reengineered application & the current applications behave identically.
  • Usually involves data migration to either Oracle (for J2EE) or SQL Server (for .NET)

Benefits of Migrating away from Mainframe to J2EE or .NET

  • Positioning the applications for the future
  • Lower operational & maintenance costs
  • Address Skills shortage issue

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