To keep up with the fast pace of business and escalating customer demands, organizations must have the agility to respond quickly to change. However, doing so requires an enterprise architecture that allows information to flow seamlessly between departments and across geographies. That’s easier said than done in most companies, where information “silos” caused by legacy applications and a diverse IT architecture prevent smooth information flow.

Oncorre’s Enterprise Integration practice provides a structured information processing and delivery framework that has helped leading global organizations break down information barriers across the enterprise. Our comprehensive suite of Enterprise Integration services delivers an end-to-end solution that addresses the four critical elements of business operations: business, people, process and IT.

Our Enterprise Application Integration solutions are designed to deliver measurable results and rapid ROI, and strike the right balance between business and IT needs. Using an end-to-end approach that customizes our Enterprise Integration solutions, we have helped many companies build integrated business practices that span organizations, people, systems and applications. The methodology makes it easy to propagate standard business procedures and information across an organization’s value chain, to better leverage the value of Enterprise Integration investments.

Oncorre offers Enterprise Integration services in three areas:

  • Enterprise application integration (intra-enterprise)
  • B2B and B2C integration
  • Legacy integration.

Enterprise application integration projects can be extremely challenging. We have established an impressive track record of delivering proven integration and e-business services. Our integration technology expertise includes middleware products, applications and tools, and is complemented by in-depth knowledge of ERP, SCM, CRM, SRM, data warehousing and e-commerce.

In addition, Oncorre has forged strategic partnerships and alliances with leading application and technology vendors including IBM, Oracle, SAP, webMethods and Sun, further strengthening our integration expertise. All together, we put our exceptional expertise, alliances and methodologies to work for clients, delivering comprehensive enterprise integration solutions tailored to meet business-specific goals.

Enterprise Integration Expertise

Oncorre builds its Enterprise Integration capability on a strong foundation of proven methodologies, best practices, and reference architecture and guidelines. In-depth product and tool knowledge rounds out the picture.

Oncorre’s flexible Enterprise Integration solutions are designed to meet the challenges of many different business scenarios. The company’s technology expertise in the Enterprise Integration space spans the following areas:

Oncorre develops and maintains its Enterprise Integration capabilities through Integration and Web Services. Oncorre’s team conducts ongoing work to standardize integration approaches, processes and related technologies.

Integration and Web Services focus on:

  • Application integration and collaborative computing solutions across a diverse set of enterprise products
  • Real-time integration solutions to link heterogeneous enterprise applications
  • Integration methodologies, frameworks and best practices.

Integration Methodologies

To ensure successful client engagements, Oncorre has developed standard methodologies for:

  • Integration assessment
  • Integration implementation
  • Iterative and incremental development
  • Migration and re-engineering.

The schematic below depicts a typical cycle for arriving at an Integration framework, and is part of Oncorre’s Integration Assessment Methodology.

Oncorre Proprietary Integration Framework

Oncorre has managed integration projects for clients in a broad range of industries including: insurance, manufacturing, financial services, energy and utilities (E&U) and retail.

Enterprise Integration analysis and planning

Oncorre helped one of the largest US E&U companies to make the business case for integration. This E&U giant was looking for a consultant that could analyze, research and document business case for Integration, Employee Portal and Identity Management. Oncorre successfully made the three business cases. For the Integration business case the deliverables included:

  • A comprehensive business case for integration
  • A complete five-year integration road map
  • A detailed estimate of the implementation effort required.

Business process integration

Oncorre provided integration services to one of the world’s largest re-insurance corporations for integrating and enhancing the premiums and claims processes. The organization wanted to simplify and automate premium and claim receipt and processing as well as the booking of these transactions by legacy systems.

Web portal and back-office integration

For a leading American manufacturer, Oncorre streamlined the delivery process by integrating dealers, distribution depots and sales and marketing staff. Oncorre developed a Web portal for dealers, depot personnel and sales and marketing staff, integrated with the company’s inventory and sales systems.

B2B integration

Oncorre helped a global electronics and telecom industry leader having a huge number of sales, service and distribution centers, automate its claims processing for product under warranties in the Asia-pacific region. Complete automation was achieved between the parent organization and the outsource manufacturer using Webmethods B2Bi and Rosettanet.

Enterprise Integration Service Offerings

Oncorre offers the following Enterprise Integration solution and services:

Oncorre’s Enterprise Integration solution include integrating legacy and ERP applications using leading integration platforms such as MQ-Series, TIBCO, BEA WebLogic, and webMethods. In addition, Oncorre can also build custom Enterprise Integration solutions based on standards like J2EE, CORBA, RMI, XML, HIPAA and EDI. Also, Oncorre offers functional extensions to CRM, SCM and data warehousing systems using Web Services-based integration.
Our key services include:


  • Risk assessment
  • Integration benefits identification and quantification
  • Integration product evaluation
  • Integration framework recommendations.

Architecture and Design

  • Architecture and technology selection
  • Integration framework design
  • Integration implementation plan.

Product Implementation

  • Product configuration for MQ Series, TIBCO, webMethods
  • Legacy application integration
  • Implementation of custom and Packaged adapters.


  • Existing architecture and infrastructure audits.