Most businesses around the globe nowadays bank on technology and IT investments for competitive advantage. There is an inherent need for 24×7 IT infrastructure support on all layers of technology. In such a scenario, Oncorre Infrastructure management services fits the bill perfectly with its core focus on scalable infrastructure performance and reduced costs throughout the entire infrastructure value chain.

Oncorre Infrastructure Management Services

Our Infrastructure Management services are designed in a way that you can build a viable, operational plan that best fits your company’s business innate needs. Our service spectrum synonymous with enhanced service levels, effective response-rates and proactive support are broadly classified as

  • Datacenter Services
  • Network Services
  • Information Security Services
  • Application Support Services

Why Oncorre

Technology leadership coupled with world class supporting infrastructure and an experienced pool of trained System Administrators /Application DBAs helps us deliver high value, cost effective solutions to our clients

The Oncorre Advantage rests on a solid framework of

  • Global Delivery Model from Centers in India and USA
  • Domain Expertise
  • Strong Application Background
  • Best-in-breed practices
  • Integrated Solutions
  • ISO 27001:2005 & SEI CMM Level 5 certified processes
  • ITIL process compliance


Oncorre’s infrastructure services methodology is aligned towards IT optimization, a key success factor when it comes to providing services that encompass the full breadth of the IT architecture life cycle. The ITIL compliant methodology is defined by a collaborative approach between the client and the service provider, with the accent on best practices resulting in optimum results.

Oncorre Methodology Roadmap

The key features of the Oncorre methodology roadmap that is geared to meet client expectations of risk alleviation and flexibility are as follows

  • The transition approach is split into 5 measurable phases with defined   performance metrics namely Requirement Analysis, Knowledge   Acquisition, Transition and Setup, Pilot Run and Production.
  • The five phases implemented by expert transition teams is   characterized by soft skills, product and process training, process   improvement programs, periodic reports, scheduled reviews, internal   and external surveys and scope change management.
  • Focus is on complete transfer on all key and mandated knowledge   assets adding long-term value to the engagement model.
  • Seamless mechanisms for multi channel support from self service   protocols to level 3 .An effective governance model headed by a   steering committee consisting of the client’s Offshore Director, an   Engagement Director with PMO capabilities to achieve strategic,   tactical, operational and Delivery Objectives.