In most IT organizations, developing and maintaining an appropriate expertise in-house to manage an infrastructure network is daunting and expensive. The need for organizations to enjoy better mobility, easy access to real-time data, leverage their existing infrastructure has proven to be too complex, sometimes impossible.

Oncorre’s network services engages a flexible delivery model, unique networking and optimization solutions that helps leverage the application response time without any increase in the bandwidth.

Oncorre Network Services

  • Network Design & Engineering
  • Network Monitoring & Management
  • Network Security

Network Design & Engineering

Network design and engineering services at Oncorre provide you quality design, expert implementation, vigilant maintenance and better reliable support services in today’s world of increasingly reliant technology solutions to meet the demands of the organizations. Our comprehensive solutions help you have the benefit of a well designed and stable network, saving time and cost thereby increasing productivity.

Network Monitoring & Management

With constant technology evolution and business change, our network monitoring and management services at Oncorre helps you realize increased profits, customer satisfaction through reliable systems and better efficiency.

Network Security

Oncorre’s network security services provide a unified device management solution for routing, switching and security devices. We provide a centralized, end-to-end device lifecycle management and widespread monitoring, reporting and investigative tools to enable you to leverage IT management and cost efficiencies thereby maximizing the security of your network.