Ankleshwar Oncorre is responsible for porting and enhancing the following titles for the Mac and iPhone platform and creating an unprecedented gaming experience.

buy Clomiphene pills online The Games industry is under increasing pressure to reduce development time and cost of production. Because of criticality of time, major publishers and studios are looking at outsourcing Mac Game Development work, provided the development partner fulfills quality and reliability considerations. Through its demonstrated world-class quality and Mac game development experience, Oncorre is looking at this specialized market segment with increasing focus and commitment and is developing middleware technologies to assist in porting professional AAA titles from Windows/ Consoles to Mac. Oncorre also assists companies in porting Casual and Educational game titles to the Mac platform. Leveraging on our porting expertise and our thorough understanding of each gaming platform, we can port from other systems to Mac inexpensively and efficiently. Our services reduce porting time and deliver a rich gaming experience identical to the original game.

Oncorre engineers have good understanding of the various technologies used in development of the games. These include the DirectX APIs as well as OpenGL and OpenAL APIs. Game play optimization being a very important criterion for development and porting houses, our engineers work closely with engineers at Apple, ATI, Creative Labs and Intel in optimizing the games to leverage the in-built system support, there by delivering a great user experience to the end user of the game. A dedicated testing team is also assigned to test the different game levels as well as to suggest ways in which to optimize and enhance the end user experience on the Mac platform.